Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Late Summer Trim

So I decided to cut a few inches off day before yesterday. At first it was meant to be a little trim but decided to go ahead to make sure any split ends were gone. It's funny how when my hair was relaxed, I hated trims. Now I love a fresh trim. My hair looks new again, thick and healthy. This time I plan to take more time with my hair like I used to, give it that special treatment it deserves. I love my hair and I can't see myself mistreating it anymore like this. I remember when I first went natural. I was so in love with my hair. It was like a fresh new relationship. You took time with it, put care and special effort into but then I guess you get used to it and take it for granted. When you take something for granted what happens? You start to lose out on all you could be having and experiencing. You go your way and your hair usually takes an ugly turn. Okay, maybe just maybe I am getting alittle too deep about this, but this is how I am feeling. I was excited and now I'm used to it being there in a sense. But after seeing my twist out after a fresh cut, looking so beautiful and shiny; how could I take what God has given me for granted. Gosh, I should of took a picture and let the moment last longer lol. Anyway ladies don't take your precious natural locks, coils, curls and kinks for granted. Love and take care of your hair!!!

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